HEROCROSS's latest [BUNDLELAND Excelsior Series] is a hyper-realistic collectible toy collection featuring RUSSELL from Disney and Pixar's "UP." RUSSELL, a junior wilderness explorer, is being transformed from an animation character into a 40CM tall life-like high-end vinyl modeling figure made with materials like alloy, aluminum, copper, cloth, injection molding, nylon, and embroidery craft. To reflect the authenticity of the character created by Pixar, the figure comes with stunning details and incredible craftsmanship. Don't miss the little details – from the different badges that RUSSELL collected to the backpack filled with field equipment and surviving tools, to the different props from the movie including the chocolate, the GPS, the horn that you can blow, compass accessories, and the scene platform. This flagship masterpiece is a true representation of the production teams' passion, attentiveness, and sincerity.

Product Includes
-Two arms: Vertical Arm, Bend Arm
-Standard version accessories
-universal knife x1
-torch x1
-water bottle x1
-cup x1
-hand sanitizer x1
-bug net x1
- flag x1
-backpack x1
-carpet x1
- thick rope x1
- flat pan x1
-tall pot x1
-horn x1
-trowel x1
-compass x1

Materials: PVC, metal, cloth
Height: Around 40CM 

3,980.00 HKD
excl. VAT 3,980.00 HKD