CFS#001SEYW 15CM Chubby Winnie the Pooh - Transparent (Original Color)

HEROCROSS is going to launch the "Sweet Crystal clear" Winnie the Pooh series in this hot summer. Utilizing special molding technique to manufacture the hollow vinyl substrate and transforming these raw materials into various colorful Winnie the Pooh statues. Four styles include the "Crystal Clear Red and Yellow" (the original color combination), "Peach Orange", "Mint Bluish Green" and "Sugary Pink" Winnie the Pooh.

These lovely chubby Winnie the Pooh can be added to your collection and displayed at your home. The high transparency of the vinyl material makes it looks like a glassware display rather than an ordinary plastic piece. Watching these cute bears is great for releasing stress and anxiety and at the same time entertaining. And the plastic material property makes it more light-weight and durable. Moreover, there are movable joints at the head, arms, hands, waist and legs which allow you to change the posture.
With smooth surface and exquisite appearance, this series will be the best gifts for kids, ladies and other Disney's fans.

Material: PVC
Height: About 15CM

288.00 HKD
excl. VAT 288.00 HKD