FGR#001B Winnie the Pooh Finger Friends

Introducing FGR#001B "Winnie the Pooh Finger Friends (10+1) (Set)" – It's time to get your hands on this exciting news from HEROCROSS! HEROCROSS proudly present a brand new series of finger friends, and guess who's making their grand entrance? It's everyone's beloved Winnie the Pooh!

This finger puppet series is so cute, it's like a tiny treasure trove of fun! Not only are they perfect for playtime, but they also have great collectible value. Hurry up and grab this adorable set, and let Winnie the Pooh be your fingertip companion in every moment!

*Please be noticed that the order sells from the website as set (10 pcs in total) only but not in loose.
*Each set includes 10 regular designs, the Special Edition will replace one of the regular designs.
Material: PVC, ABS
Height of main body: ~4CM 

350.00 HKD
excl. VAT 350.00 HKD