After the earlier launch of IZUKU MIDORIYA in the H.M.F series, HEROCROSS is going to introduce some of the characters in the famous Japanese superhero manga series,《MY HERO ACADEMIA》into our blind box series, which would break into the Japanese animation field again.

Debut characters include the 《THE SYMBOL OF PEACE》ALL MIGHT, and the main characters IZUKU MIDORIYA, KATSUKI BAKUGOU, TENYA IIDA, TSUYU ASUI, MOMO YAOYOROZU, FUMIKAGE TOKOYAMI, HANTA SERO. And for the Villain, there will be TOMURA SHIGARAKI and KUROGIRI. It also comes with a hidden special version of Silver age ALL MIGHT!

Every hero shows their unique 'Quirks' with their own styling and dynamics. And the most charismatic point is their insistence and courage when facing difficulties and challenges.

Materials: PVC, ABS
Height: 7-8 CM

*Each set includes 10 pcs of heroes, 1/6 chance to get the Special Character.
*If you get the Special Character, one of the regular designs will be replaced. 

690.00 HKD
excl. VAT 690.00 HKD