HBB#005DX SWAROVSKI Alien Remix Deluxe Boxset

Different from previous designs, the unprecedented Alien Remix series incorporates the renowned Swarovski ®️ 's crystal as one of the major elements when designing the character. Assisted by the Swarovski ®️ design team, HEROCROSS sincerely hopes to bring you a never-experienced yet still worthwhile Alien Remix series

The luxurious Alien Remix package includes 9+1 figures, where Alien would wear the outfits of different classic Pixar characters, including Alien, Woody, Jessie, Gabby Gabby, Benson (red bow tie), Benson (black bow tie), Forky, Ducky, Bunny and the SPECIAL EDITION: Little Bo-Peep!

*Please be noted that the official store only accepts pre-orders for a whole package, and does not accept orders for single characters.
*Each set includes 10 characters, including the Special Edition. 

1,180.00 HKD
excl. VAT 1,180.00 HKD