HBB#010 Donald Duck Patisserie Blind Box Set

HEROCROSS is to launch the "Donald Duck Blind Box Set (Patisserie)". Gathering cousins, nephews, Grandma from the Donald Duck's family, Donald Duck and Daisy are going to hold an enormous and joyful family party in the weekend. They encourage all the family members to make an array of sweet and dazzling desserts in the cake factory. This series includes 12 Donald Duck family members with various classic and delicate French patisserie items, such as macarons, donuts, Mont Blanc, molten chocolate cake, croquembouche. These characters are so adorable, and the delightful colors will make you feel the joyful festive atmosphere. You may also have a chance to get the Special Edition, Donald Duck and Daisy embracing a piece of heart-shaped Palmier and enjoying the sweetest moment at the party. We believe that this Donald Duck Blind Box Set (Patisserie) would be the best wishes to bring a little joy and happiness into your house.

Material: PVC
Height: 6 – 7.5 cm

*The Special Edition will replace one of the regular designs.
*The product does not include the gadgets in the photo's background 

800.00 HKD
excl. VAT 800.00 HKD