HBB#015 Dumbo Train Blind Box Set

Disney's classic animated film "Dumbo" has been popular since its release in 1941. In 2019, there was a live-action remake, re-imaging the 1941 original movie and turning the old cartoons into contemporary hybrids which lights up everyone's childhood memories. To celebrate the 80th anniversary of "Dumbo", we are now launching the H.B.B. Series Dumbo Train Blind Box.

There are 8 designs, featuring different looks and postures of Dumbo. All of them come from some classic scenes of the original cartoon film, such as a baby Dumbo taking a bath, balancing a ball on its nose, and standing on a circus ball with two legs. Gigantic ears, yellow hats, and red ruffled collars are everything you can think of in "Dumbo". With all these movie-authentic details coupled with the lively looks of Dumbo, this collection will remind you of many of the sweet and touching moments in the movie.

Each piece of the Dumbo train cart carries a hook at the chassis for you to connect all compartments and assemble them into a complete train.

What's even more surprising? There is a little chance for you to get the Special Edition with Mr. Stock carrying baby Dumbo to its mother. We believe this heartwarming scene will wring the heart-strings of everyone.

"Straight from heaven up above, here is a baby for you to love"
Order now and you can have these adorable sweet babies.

Material: PVC + ABS
Height: 7-8cm
*Each set has 8 designs, 1/6 chance to get the Special Edition

650.00 HKD
excl. VAT 650.00 HKD