HBB#021B Disney Princess Garden Blind Box Set

HEROCROSS joins hands with Disney again to launch a brand new Disney Princess-themed Blind Box Set. The Princess Garden collection features eight classic Disney Princess characters, including Snow White from《Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs》, Rapunzel from《Tangled》, Jasmine from 《Aladdin》, Ariel from 《The Little Mermaid》, Cinderella from《Cinderella》,Mulan from《 Mulan》, Belle from 《Beauty and the Beast》, Aurora from 《Sleeping Beauty》, and a Special Edition of the Mermaid form of Ariel. Besides, each Disney Princess set comes with a unique garden base with some of the iconic elements associated with each of them. Each base can be connected by splicing them left and right to form the Princess Garden! Don't miss out on this cute Disney Princess collection while stocks last. For any online order, you will have to order a complete set of eight. Ordering of individual items from the collection is currently not an available option online.

Material: PVS, ABS
Height of Main Body: 9~10CM 

*Each set includes 8 regular designs, 1/6 chance to get the Special Edition, the Special Edition will replace one of the regular designs.
*The product does not include the gadgets in the photo's background 

550.00 HKD
excl. VAT 550.00 HKD