HMF#019C Sand Trooper with Black Pauldron

Hybrid Metal Figuration HMF#019C is licensed by Lucasfilm, designed and manufactured in house at Herocross. With similar styling to the HMF#005 Storm trooper, it is best displayed in squad formation. The torso and limbs are constructed of metal alloy, and include 20 movable joints to facilitate for various postures. HMF#019 line-up comes with 6 removable hands, with the HMF#019C being equipped with DLT-10 Heavy blaster, E-11 blaster & special backpack (different from 019 & 019S).

Product Includes
Licensed by Lucasfilm
Designed and manufactured by Herocross
Metal alloy constructed torso and limbs
Includes 20 wide-range motion joints
6 interchangeable hands
DLT-10 Heavy blaster, E-11 blaster & special backpack 

598.00 HKD
excl. VAT 598.00 HKD