HMF#025 Robocop

No more crimes this June, the Robocop from 1987 is back! Part man, part machine, all cop; Robocop is a crime fighting robot constructed from the remains of a dead police officer, Alex Murphy. He feels no pain, no emotion, and no affection. What he only has is the determination to fight with crimes. HMF#025 Robocop features higher proportion of die cast parts than ever in the series; you can totally feel the alloy! He is equipped with his famous Auto-9 pistol and data spike to fight against criminals! When there are no enemies, he can conceal his trusted weapon in his right leg holster.

- Height: 14cm
- Very high proportion of die cast parts

Product Includes
• 6 x Exchangeable hands
• Auto-9 pistol
• Operable leg holster 

798.00 HKD
excl. VAT 798.00 HKD