HMF#031 Wolf Predator

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The Wolf Predator from the 2007 film "AVP: Survival of the Fittest", has been sent to earth as a "cleaner" in order to defeat the escaped Aliens and Predalien from the film 2004 "AVP".

The HMF#031 Wolf Predator's body has 20 points of articulation which provides great mobility and allows collectors to display Wolf with famous poses from the movie.

The Wolf Predator's mask can be removed to reveal its organic face beneath. And its body, arms and legs are made with alloy with PVC outfits to display details of Wolf's armor and body. Wolf Predator complete with many accessories

- 6 interchangeable hands
- 2 Interchangeable faces
- 2 Combi-Sticks (One retracted and one extended)
- Syringe gun
- Plasma caster
- Whips
- Extended whips
Specification :
- Height: ~14cm

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