HMF#032 Predalien

When a Facehugger infects a Predator, the resulting creature is a Predalien. A Predalien is much larger and stronger than a regular adult alien. It walks on two feet and can jump over great distances. It also has a set of mandibles just like a Predator as well as dreadlocks. The Predalien possesses a much bigger and stronger tail than a normal alien.

To make the Predalien as detail as we could, HEROCROSS added some hidden feature, the second mouth "Inner jaw"! Since Predalien can't lay an eggsack so it uses a new reproduction method instead. It can force multiple Chestburster embryos down the throats of human with its inner jaw. If you would like to see the Inner Jaw, just simply press the hidden button!

We have also added some new elements on this creature, at the same time we keep its traditional design. The main part of the body is made by Hybrid Metal and it has 30 joints, so it could fights with our HMF#031 Wolf Predator without any problem!

- Height: ~14cm

- Action Spring Loaded Inner Jaw
- Figure Base and Stand
- Stickers
- Interchangeable Hands 

698.00 HKD
excl. VAT 698.00 HKD