HMF#046 Joker (Dark Knight)

HMF#046 Joker is a super villain unlike no other. Introduced in the spring of 1940, he is a criminal mastermind with a clown like smile. Some of his most well-known "accomplishments" will be the crippling of Batgirl and the murder of Jason Todd (second Robin). His image as a vicious, calculating and psychopathic killer was perfectly portrayed in the "The Dark knight". His abilities include: high intelligence, skilled chemist, access to various gadgets, and experienced hand to hand combat.

- 6 pcs of interchangeable hands,
- 1 bazooka
- 1 automatic pistol
- 1 knife 

- Height: ~14cm

598.00 HKD
excl. VAT 598.00 HKD