HMF#070 Deathstroke

In DC Universe, Deathstroke are top mercenary and assassin. Mastered in multiple weapons (guns, sticks, swords...), plus healing factors in the blood, which makes him recover from physical damage rapidly, he even had the ability to destroy the entire Justice League.

With a variety of super-enhanced physical abilities, Deathstroke's strength, intelligence, and reflex nerves are ten times more than the limit of normal people. His brain can be used up to 90%. It can analyze the enemies during battle and instant develop counter tactics, making Deathstroke become a major villain in the DC Universe.

Product Includes:
- 4 interchangeable hands
- 1 rifle
- 1 rod
- 1 sword
- 1 scabbard 

398.00 HKD
excl. VAT 398.00 HKD