HMF#082 2.0 Metal Pinocchio

Disney animation "Pinocchio" is known to everyone when they are young. HEROCROSS once again launched an upgraded version of the H.M.F. series Pinocchio. The elevated version that debuted further restored the appearance of Pinocchio in the movie scene. Pinocchio's 「conscience」 Jiminy Cricket and Figaro are also added to the accessories. I believe fans will suffer from monetary complications like Pinocchio, but if you have a soft spot for the Pinocchio, how can you not bring them all home!

Material: PVC、 ABS、Metal
Height: Pinocchio ~ 15cm, Figaro ~5.5cm, Jiminy Cricket ~3.2cm
Accessories: Interchangeable head x1, Interchangeable hands x1pair, Apple accessories x1, Book accessories x1 

688.00 HKD
excl. VAT 688.00 HKD