The most cunning character in the "Toy Story" series, with a signature toothy smile, wearing a chicken mascot costume, who try to find the antique Woody dolls and collect the whole set of "WOODY'S ROUND UP" to gain great profit - Al MCWHIGGIN, the kidnapper, has finally joined the toy villain army under HEROCROSS!

MUSHIE Al set got two looks, one with the signature chicken mascot costume and the other one is the half bald human appearance with glasses. The facial expression is vivid and lovely. If you have already collected a complete set of "WOODY'S ROUND UP" toy series, how can you miss out this?

Material: PVC
Height: ~15cm

Product Includes
1. 15CM AL MCWHIGGIN (Red T-shirt)
2. 15CM AL MCWHIGGIN (Chicken Suit)

788.00 HKD
excl. VAT 788.00 HKD