HMS#010 MUSHIE Shinning Dumbo and Timothy Circus Set

Classic Disney "DUMBO" has been popular since its release in 1941. In 2019, it even launched a live-action movie all around the world. 2020 marks the 80th anniversary of DUMBO's birth. As long as Herocross is going to launch a 100-year-old classic Disney project, we will present the latest H.V.S. series "DUMBO" Shinning Circus Set as our first 2021 product.

The product is using soft pink as key tone along with the dreamy surroundings, combined with the irresistible SWAROVSKI crystal, embodies the shape of the Dumbo, such as the red scarf and yellow hat, with various selected SWAROVSKI crystals, and the shinning makes the creativity upgrade. In addition to the Dumbo, the set also comes with a red and yellow straight pattern circus tent and Dumbo's friend TIMOTHY; they are also inlaid with crystals! The characters are cute, dynamic and lively. If you love "DUMBO", don't hesitate to click the link to book now!

Material: PVC +Crystal
Height: Tent ~15cm | DUMBO ~8cm | Timothy ~6cm 

788.00 HKD
excl. VAT 788.00 HKD