HMS#014 MUSHIE Bathing Dumbo

During the scorching summer, it is perfect to have a bubble bath which not only cools down and relaxes your body but also refreshes your soul.

This summer, HEROCROSS is going to introduce a brand-new 15cm Mushie Bathing Dumbo item to all of you. Featuring Disney Dumbo, the adorable flying elephant taking a bath in a wooden bucket and surrounded by white foam and soap bubbles. Feeling so relaxed in the bath, he starts to smile with his big, round, shining eyes. Getting more and more excited, he even uses his trunk to spray water into the air. These water splash then changes into rainbow colors. It is so comforting and calming to see such an amazing magical moment which brings so much fun and excitement to all of our fans.

Decoration with hanging pieces of waterdrop-shaped Swarovski®️ crystals is the unique element in this item. With amazing clarity, these high-quality crystals shine under different angles of lightings which upgrades the whole product into a more luxurious display ornament.

After removing the silver metal chains, these hanging crystals become the long tassel earrings for your daily-wear accessories. Wearing a pair of earrings will make you look unique and elegant on different occasions.

We do hope that this well-designed Mushie Bathing Dumbo refreshes and charm the hearts of everyone.

Material: PVC, Metal, Crystal
Height: Around 15CM 

688.00 HKD
excl. VAT 688.00 HKD