HMS#017 MUSHIE Rocky Gibraltar

HEROCROSS has chosen Rocky Gibraltar, a stone-faced heavy-weight lifter from the first episode of Toy Story to be our new family member in the MUSHIE series. Being the strongest toy in Andy's room, he is the only toy strong enough to lower the ramp so that Buzz and Woody and get back to the moving van. Without his kind assistance, Buzz may not be able to reunite with Andy and the storyline will go off in a different direction.

We have used the traditional Japanese MUSHIE style as the unique design feature to make the Rocky look much more playful and fun. Both Rocky's head and arms can be adjusted into different angles with the movable joints, transforming into various bodybuilding postures. Also, the wrestler belt accessory and shimmer glowing skin details make it look even cool and chic.

Material: ABS、PVC
Height: About 15CM 

328.00 HKD
excl. VAT 328.00 HKD