HVS#054 91CM Fantasia Mickey Mouse

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FANTASIA is a fascinating Disney's 1940 musical animated film that perfectly combines classical music and animation. And the most famous segment is " THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE". While master Yen Sid went out, Mickey put on the blue sorcerer's hat and started to cast a spell on a broom. It was brought to life and then took up his work. But unfortunately, Mickey was unable to control the hat's incredible energy, which causes a series of chaos.

 HEROCROSS will launch this 91CM WHOPPIE Fantasia Mickey Mouse, bringing this iconic sorcerer Mickey into reality. To show more delicate details of the figure, our production team has chosen some high-end materials. For example, the sorcerer's cloak is made of soft red cloth, with a knot tied on the front with a golden rope. With the Velcro, you may detach the cloak from the Mickey figure and transform him into different looks. And you can even change the shape of the sorcerer's cloak as a metal wire has been installed in its inner part of the rim.

The most surprising accessory should be the blue color sorcerer's hat with pieces of luminous stars and moon patterns that can glow in the darkness and recreate the classic and magical moments in the original animated film. 

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