HVS#073 30cm Tin Toy Series Alien

HEROCROSS' new Tin Toy vinyl series, a tribute to the classic Pixar animation《Tin Toy》, is the first animation produced by Pixar Animation Studios based on human movements, and also the first short animation to win an Oscar. Inspiring Pixar to create another well-known animated film《Toy Story》. Our designers pays tribute to the masterpiece by applying the nostalgic tin toy concept of《Tin Toy》to the《Toy Story》characters. The exquisite painting process is used to imitate the surface texture of the iron sheet. The beloved Alien arrives first, turning into a clockwork walking doll, a reimagining of the characters from《Toy Story》in the form of nostalgic toys. Fans who love Aliens must not miss this distinctive one. Pre-orders will come with a 7cm Tin Toy Alien, have them both together as the cutest decoration at your place!

Material: PVC, ABS, PU
Height: ~30cm

1,280.00 HKD
excl. VAT 1,280.00 HKD