Refunds and Product Exchanges


The following cases are not accepted for product returns, exchanges, or refunds:

  1. Products with original factory quality control issues for which we cannot provide refunds or exchange services.
  2. No proof of purchase from this website.
  3. The product has already been shipped and is in transit.
  4. The related product has not been returned for verification.
  5. Any free gifts, giveaways, or trial-size products.
  6. The product packaging is incomplete, damaged, or soiled without affecting the actual product.
  7. Rejection of the product itself due to personal preferences.
  8. In case of disputes, PLAYMAXX has the final decision-making authority.

Purchases made through third-party retailers:

Please note that the above return/refund policy only applies to cases where orders were placed directly on the PLAYMAXX official website. If you have any questions regarding PLAYMAXX products purchased through third-party retailers, please contact the respective distributors or retailers directly for inquiries or assistance.